After nearly two years of my close friends, acquaintances and family members petitioning me to create a fashion blog that catalogues trend news and my daily looks I decided to finally create “Line-Leader.” My reason for not doing so earlier was my lack of time as a full time student at University of Washington as well as working 30+ hours every week at Anthropologie to fuel my style “habit.” I then interned full time with Marie Claire in NYC this past year where my kindling romance with fashion matured into a full blown passionate love affair. Although the internship dramatically refined my sense of personal style and vastly increased the breadth of my fashion knowledge, taking advantage of the learning opportunities the internship offered me as well as exploring the city left me with sparse free time—causing me to take a hiatus from writing daily.

However, I have now graduated (with a degree in English Literature and a minor in Women’s Studies) and am realizing that although I still work 30+ hours a week, I have a lot more free time to immerse myself in my two greatest life passions: fashion and writing. Although my long-term goal is to be a fashion features editor at a major publication—I figured that there would be no better way to practice my craft in the meantime through creating a fashion blog. Since I (sadly) do not have unlimited access to couture samples, models, and a camera and lighting crew, I must rely my own ingenuity as well as material from my own closet and self-referential photographs taken by my sister as the main source of content for this small-scale, fledgling blog.

After all, we all have to start somewhere.

This being said, I hope everyone enjoys my new blog and enjoys the rest of their weekend!


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  1. hey c.e.b!

    i wish you good luck and success with your first blog!i still got no balls to start my own one but maybe someday soo ;) you should better feed me with news daily because from now on your blog is bookmarked.

    big hug